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Litter Box of American Bullies from Utkarsh Singh - HS Exotic Bullies
HS Bullies Kennel Proudly Presents

American Bullies Show Quality Puppies from a Combination of Worlds Best Bloodlines

Available for Loving Homes.

Utkarsh Singh
Ph: 0-8799710929

(New Delhi)
About HS Exotic Bullies Kennel:
We at HS Kennel breed for health, temperament and conformation.
Our main goal is to contribute to the breed. We have been breeding American Bullies for several years and have produced top quality Bullies conforming to the standards.
American Bullies are not an aggressive breed.
They are not fighter breed. Only meant for families and are family Dogs.
Don't get confused with PITBULLS.
Raised In Our Home
We do not believe in caging or tethering our fur babies.
We follow litter and age regulation,
breeding our girls only after the age of 18 months and breeding each girl only once a year and not breeding one girl more than 3 times in her lifetime.
We keep the pets inside our home in order to give them best temperament and health conditions - Raised in our home with young children and other dogs so they are well socialized from birth.
American Bullies CANNOT Registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI)
So KCI and Microchip will NOT be provided.
We breed MICRO & POCKET SIZE American Bullies pups from below combination.
Photographs of the Sire - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh
Photograph of Dam - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh
Photographs of Puppies from Current Litter will be Posted Soon!
Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 25th March 2019 - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh - American Bully - Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh
Ph: 0-8799710929
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