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Dachshund Puppies offered by Ragvi Kennels

Good Quality Black & Tan and Red Dachshund Puppies Available For Sale.

Sire: Champion Padpranpark's Super Solid

High Show Quality Puppies
Pet Quality Puppies Available

What is Pet Quality
Pet Quality Puppies are those that are as healthy and well grown up as the Show Quality Puppies, but might not conform to the Kennel Club Standards with respect to certain features. For example they may have a pink nose when the preferred colour is a black nose. They are as playful and as remarkable as a pet just like the other puppies

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Serious inquiries to:
Mr G.R.Raguraman
3712, South 4th Street Pudukkottai.
Phone No: +91-99941-05020
Puppy Pictures
Posted on 7th March 2019 - Dachshund Standard Smooth - Raghu - Dachshund Standard Smooth - Raghu
Dam - Dachshund Standard Smooth - Raghu
Sire - Dachshund Standard Smooth - Raghu
Raghuraman +91-99941-05020
Advertisement Posted on 7th March 2019