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Litter Box of Shih Poo (Exotic Breed) Puppies from Voyagerz Kennels
The SHIH POO is a designer breed, highly sought after in the Western Countries as a designated "Emotional Support Dog Breed".
They are assigned this huge task for their in-born
Sense of Responsibility
Undying Compassion for their Human Companion regardless of their age.)
With time you can see their strikingly magnificent soft curly coat of solid black in color.
These girls are meant to be for someone you love as their temperament is tested to be the MOST INTELLIGENT LOVING NATURE who will shadow you to anywhere you go and be your soft pillow even if you are reading a book or watching television.
They are raised purely for companionship and their color and sheen of the coat are making them stand out even in a bunch of other pets.
Video of Puppies
Posted on 29th July 2022
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Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 5th July 2022 - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz
Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 14th June 2022 - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz
Please go through the below text before calling us.
We decided to grow these astonishing girl Puppies for a prolonged period of 4 months plus,to ensure the predictability of their temperament, such that the puppies we give to you are equipped to cater to the needs of a newborn to that of a senior citizen of the household.
Raised over only the Top Notch Dog Foods like Acana and Orijen with a lunch of  "Homemade Curated Dog Meals" these puppies are balls of activity and enthusiasm yet ready to be your cuddlebug for either TV watching or sit with you for prolonged hours of study for the students of the family. - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz
Completely house-broken and ready for any kind of  "Obedience Training" our SHIH POOS are a very Unique combination of drop dead gorgeous looks of soft Hypoallergenic black velvety fur with a nature to die for.
The Mother is our highly lineaged Shih Tzu girl and the Father is an import black toy miniature Poodle.
They have taken mostly after the father's looks.
These puppies have the qualities of both the breeds and as we deliberately took the decision of keeping them for this prolonged period they are Highly Socialized with humans, children, other breed dogs, and canines much larger than their tiny size. - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz 
An EXOTIC DESIGNER BREED is never registered with Kennel Clubs, be it in any country all over the world.
These lovely cuties are dewormed and vaccinated as per age.
My exquisite bunch of super soft and tiny girls are completely ready to fly to their lucky homes, to add happiness to their lives and take away the ncertainties that we are facing now because as they say:
A Good Temperament Puppy Can Be Therapeutic
My girls (No Male Puppies Available) will only be Air-Shipped as they are very light soft and need a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care). Not meant for families who are ready for rough handling canines.
I shall pick the homes very selectively as they being nominally priced. I will choose homes where they will be loved and cared forever.
They look a lot like "Exotic Toy Poodles" and have the ability to melt your soul in a heartbeat without digging a hole in your pocket. - Shih Poo - Voyagerz - Shih Poo - Voyagerz 
No WhatsApp before calls. They will Not Be Entertained
For more details Please Contact us
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-8017893920
All calls
only during Stipulated timing between 2pm-10pm.
We Do Not Entertain People Who Are Always Window Shopping
and disturb Breeder;s time and efforts.
Brokers and Traders Please Excuse
Only Good Responsible Homes would be encouraged.
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-8017893920
All calls STRICTLY between 2pm-10pm.
No Whatsapp prior to calling.
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