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Mudhol Hound

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From 500 B.C. onwards, foreign invaders began coming into India to conquer and plunder. Along with them came their companion dogs. Many breeds such as the Saluki, Sloughi and Greyhound have been exchanged as gifts between the Indian, Persian, and Turkish kingdoms, the origin of the Mudhol Hound is probably from these dogs.

Over a period of time, these dogs took on the name of the land in which they lived. The Mudhol Hound was the name given to those dogs domiciled in the northern districts of Karnataka(particularly the district of Bijapur, of which Mudhol was a feudal state) and the southern districts of Maharashtra.

History says that Sri Srimanth Raja Maloji Rao Ghorpade presented a pair of hound puppies to King George the V.  His Royal Highness was so impressed that these puppies from Mudhol were called as Mudhol Hounds.

Chatrapathi Shivaji's loyal dogs were entombed near his own tomb at Raighad. The dogs depicted bear a close resemblance to the Mudhol. There is also the story of the hounds belonging to Shahuji Maharaj which fought and killed a tiger that attacked the king.

During the past centuries the ruling Ghorpades of the feudal state of Mudhol in the district of Bagalkote in Karnataka have developed the Mudhol Hound by selective breeding. The Chandrashiva family was entrusted with the perpetuation of this breed, their descendants still continuing to do so.

The Mudhol is a hardy dog and a keen sight hound. But it has an independent temperament   and the male doghas a  tendancy to attack at times.

The head is small in proportion to the body. The skull is long and narrow. It is flat and moderately wide between the ears. The stop is not pronounced and the dome absent. The muzzle is long and tapering. It has strong jaws with a scissor bite.

The eyes are dark brown or hazel in colour and oval in shape. They are obliquely placed. They give the dog an intelligent expression.

The ears are thin, of medium size, mobile, triangular and set fairly high. They are carried flat and close to the head. Rose shaped and semi erect ears are also expected.

The neck is elegantly arched, long , supple and well muscled.

The body is muscular with small powerful loins. The brisket is long and deep, with a roomy thorax and a well tucked in abdomen. The back is fairly broad.

The legs are muscular with forelegs long and straight from elbow to knee. Hip bones are set wide apart, stifle moderately bent, hocks low to the ground. Feet are of moderate length, well arched and have strong pads.

The tail is long and set on line with the body. It is trong at the base tapering, and slightly curved. It is carried low at times.

The coat is smooth, close and fine.

It may be of any colour including brindle.

The Mudhol hound female is 57-62 cms tall and weighs 22-28 kgs. The male is 65-70 cms tall.

The gait and movement of this hound is an effortless stride, like flying rather than running with the hind legs under the body giving good propulsion.

All males should have a pair of testicles descended into the scrotum.

The Mudhol Hound is a dog that needs plenty of exercise and movement. It cannot be managed in confined areas. They are ideally used for racing and hunting, though they make good companion and guard dogs.


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