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Rampur Hound

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Rampur is a hamlet between Bareilly and Delhi. His Royal Highness Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur bred these dogs by combining the blood lines of very powerful but ferocious Tazi, brought in by the Afghans, and the English Greyhound that was more obedient but less resistant to the varying climatic conditions. He gave the name 'Rampur Hound' to the dogs he bred.

This hound is powerfully built with strong jaws. The skull is broad. A powerful dog can bring down a large bull. The hound also hunts vermin, deer and jackals.

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Breed Standard
The males measure 60-75 cms in height. The females measure 55-60 cms in height .
They weigh about 27-30 kgs.
They maybe black, grey, brindle, fawn or white.
The breed loves human companionship, and is well adjusted to other dogs. It has clean habits. The may appear lazy but will charge if needed.
The front legs are straight, but the hind quarters are long muscular and powerful, wide and well let down stiffles. The feet have arched toes with strong claws.
General Description:

The length from the withers to the base of the tail is about 36", the chest is deep in front but not very wide with well sprung ribsr. The tail is long and tapering slightly curving upwards and carried low, it is about 24"-27" in length. The circumference of the neck is about 12" and  it's long  arched and muscular and rather broad where it joins the body. The length of the jaw is 9" and are poweful with a scissor bite.
The animals were very popular  about 100 years back when the Pathan Traders used to carry them to Rajputana, Central India and lower Bengal.
Hunting: This breed was used as a popular hunter an appropriate day was chosen and intimated to all hunters. These people met befor sunrise, had breakfast, and went on to hunt. Some people beat the bushes, and once the game was sighted, the hounds were let loose. After the hunt the animals were taken to a pond or water source and given a bath to refresh them.

( Information  Courtesy: Breed Profile on the Rampur Hound by Sandip Banerjee.
Published in Pet India -Oct 1997 issue. Editor: Dr. B.C. Ramakrishna.)


Sandstorm's Kennels introduces Rampur Hounds.
Ramu, our Wonderful Male (pictured at right), has a very good temperament, and is an affectionate fellow who will fly like the wind. We DO NOT BREED anymore.
If any of you has Rampur Hounds and wants to discuss, please feel free to mail me at

Saam's Livestock Farm Presents our very first litter of the native Indian breed, the Royal Rampur Hound,with KCI registrations. Puppies have been raised in our farm and now ready to move to their new homes.
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Contact: Aatif Mohsin Rizvi, (Aligarh, U.P.): +91-98978-61014
(Listing Posted on 5th March 2021 - Renewable on 5th March 2022) - Rampur Hound - Aatif
Tazi Kennels Offers Show Quality Rampur Hound Puppies.
Sire: Indian Champion Tazis Amber
Dam: Tazis Warrior. Vaccination and De-Worming will be done Up To Date.
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For Enquiries Contact:
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