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Vaccination Schedule for Dogs

Diseases Primary Vaccination Secondary Vaccination Re-Vaccination
Canine Distemper
Canine Hepatitis
  (CanineAdenovirus 2)
Corona Viral Enteritis
Canine Parainfluenza
Parvo Virus Infection
6 weeks of age 2-3 weeks later upto
16 weeks of age
Rabies 3 months of age After 3 months Annual
The above information has been kindly provided by  AHP Manufacturing B.V. (40,Landons Rd.Kilpauk Chennai 600010 INDIA). This schedule has been provided in the interest of dog owners and to make them aware of the vaccinations to be given to their dogs to prevent the suffering and loss caused by these diseases.Dog owners are kindly advised to take the advice of the veterinarian regarding the vaccination schedule.