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Do you have interesting or informative photographs of dogs? It could be a single picture with a story to tell or a funny picture, or a photo essay on how you helped in the whelping of your dog. Any pic that will interest all dog enthusiasts. But it should be original and not copied from the web. Send them by e-mail to

Photographs of my female 4 and half months Dogue De Brodeaux puppy.
She is American bloodline & KCI reg.

Dr.Pawan Rebello
Rebello Medical Care Center
Civil lines
Sultanpr (U.P) - 228001

A Good Samaritan's Story I'd Like To Share

(Sent by Viswanadha Sarma )


I would like to share my experience in Pune with you all.

I had been to some place near Pune station last week, and found a caravan hound (or Mudhol hound?) lying on the side of the road ( See photo1).

Photo 1

She was very week, slender and even could not stand on her feet. I reached her side and tried to feed her with a loaf of bread (paav as it is called in Maharashtra), biscuits and even chips (even for that matter I gave her batata vada as well).

She took little of each and had four small glasses of milk. She came with us (me and my friends Viswa/Vinod) to the office and waited there as we went in. We returned after 3 hours and she was waiting at the gate (see the photo2).

Photo 2

We took lunch and returned with some pieces of chicken, bones (remains of our non-veg friends´┐Ż lunch). She reached out and ate the pieces very happily. Then we went in again and returned by 9 at night. She was not found and we enquired about her here and there, to know somebody from Satyam office (God bless him) saw her waiting at the gate (for us!) and took her in his car.

May be she got good home and can live her life happily.

I am a dog enthusiast and moved by her pathetic situation, I was planning to take her home if she was there but was constrained by my city life . I knew that I cannot keep the all-running champion hound limited to my apartment and was really thinking all the afternoon how to accommodate her. I did not know about the availability of pet-adopting organizations in Pune. First thing I thought was, I shall take her to my residence and post an ad in Dogsindia. If she was not adopted by the unknown Satyam employee, I could have taken her home with a belief that I can get a safe home for her through Dogsindia.

Thanks for DogsIndia for providing at least a belief for readers like me, that we can get a safe home for old and needy dogs.

Viswanadha Sarma is not Just about dogs carrying Long Pedigrees and a price tag to match. We all start as Dog/Animal Lovers and enthusiasts and get drawn into the Pedigree thing because we have to improve the lineage and quality of the breeds we like. welcomes readers with genuine life experiences and pictures that we would love to share with viewers.
Thanks Mr. Sarma!


Photographs from the 1st FCI (International Show) in India


Opening Ceremony Judges
Beagle Boxer
Boxer Judging Boxer Judging
Caravan Hound Dobermann
Dobermann Judging Dobermann Judging
Great Danes Group Judging
Group Judging Irish Setter
Golden Retriever Specialty Golden Retriever Specialty
Golden Retriever Specialty GSDs
GSD Judging GSD Judging
Giant Schnauzer Kerry Blue Terrier
Mudhol Hounds Pomerenian
Rottweiler Siberian Husky
Saint Bernard Miniature Schanuzer
Obedience Show Obedience Show
Obedience Show Obedience Show
Obedience Show Shih Tzu



Prasad Mayekar with his Caravans



Irish Water Spaniel: Teal of Tully
Picture sent by Mr.Joe Douglas, Chairman of
The Irish Water Spaniel Club in Ireland

Irish_Water_Spaniel.jpg (23644 bytes)


Tibetan Mastiffpic.jpg (15983 bytes)

Tibetan Mastiffpic1.jpg (19513 bytes)

Tibetan Mastiffpic2.jpg (14132 bytes)
Tibetan Mastiff pictures, Courtesy:
Donna Kermos


Hip Dysplasia:
(Please be patient with the download time, a high quality image is important!)  You might ask "Do cats get hip dysplasia, too?"  The answer is yes, but this disorder is much more prevalent in dogs than in cats. 

normal dog hip

Here is a nice comparison of two hips.  The one on the  left is a normal hip.  You can see how smooth and round the head of the femur is and how nicely the "ball" fits into the "socket".  A hip with this structure is very unlikely to ever develop arthritis....unlike the abnormal hip on the right.  Here you can see the result of years of irritation resulting from a poor fit, a shallow "socket", and a short neck attaching the "ball" to the shaft of the femur.  This severe arthritis is a result of HIP DYSPLASIA.

dysplastic hip