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Native Indian Breeds

A lot of good work has been done by many Indians, some of whom have spent their entire lifetime
on the documentation of the Indian breeds. But unfortunately for us all the standard for many Indian breeds has not found common consensus.
Only the more popular or rather the breeds that have more number of dogs have been studied, measured, and standards written for them. It is not the aim of this website to go into the details of the differing opinions or research the details of these standards. Though the site is called because it is meant to be a database of  info on all dogs and dog owners, breeders, vets and all members who provide dog related services in India, it is not just a site on Indian dogs alone. So we shall provide a summary of the info available with us on the individual native Indian dog breeds. If we are wrong please do write to us with your valuable suggestions. If you have detailed info or can help us find that info about some lesser known breeds such as the Kanni, the Manjil, and so on, please do help us by writing to us by e-mail or by regular mail. We shall be very thankful for your help.

Indian Breed List

  • Caravan Hound
  • Combai / Kombai
  • Chippiparai
  • Pashmi Hound
  • Rajapalayam
  • Rampur Hound
  • Kanni
  • Mudhol Hound
  • Indian Mastiff (Bulli)
  • The Alangu: This is a breed from South India from the Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts. This is a tall breed with a noble carriage and short coat. The dogs may be red, fawn and black with white markings on their chest. The muzzle is black. The brisket is deep, and the limbs are well muscled. The back is long with the tail tapering to a fine point. The ears are set high on the skull and pricked. It has a long and graceful stride.
  • The Kuchi is also a native of Thanjavur, but it is a small dog with a long coat. It is about 25cms in ht. and weighs about 7kgs. It is very thinly built. The tail is heavily feathered and curled up to look like a ball of hair over the short back.It is a good hunter of vermin.
  • The Kaikadi is named after a nomadic tribe in Maharashtra. It may be white, tan, and black. The dogs are small (about 40 cms or less) with thin long legs, but powerful thighs and hocks. They make excellent watch dogs. They can hunt hare and vermin. The tail is long and tapering. The head is long and thin with prominent eyes and long ears that stand erect when alert.

(We would be thankful to anyone who can send in more detailed info on Indian dog breeds. Please do mail us at or write to us on the following address:
Dr.Suresh Bhimsingh 31, (old 14), B.N.Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017 India
Your assistance will be much appreciated)